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ElitePro Grip STUDDED Skin Set for Xbox One ELITE Controller by Foamy Lizard Sweat Free Silicone Skin w/ Raised Anti-slip Studs PLUS set of 8 QSX-Elite Thumb Grips (SKIN + QSX-E GRIPS, BLACK)

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  • XBOX ONE ELITE CONTROLLER: Designed specifically for the Xbox One ELITE controller with access to all functions, The Rear Paddles work perfectly! (PLEASE NOTE: Controller not included, Each purchase is for a single skin and 8 thumb grips)
  • ADD MONSTER GRIP: One of the thinnest most form fitting ergonomic silicone skins on the market, featuring raised friction grip studs on the front and back of the handles to provide grip even with sweaty hands
  • COMPATIBLE WITH THUMB GRIPS: Larger diameter openings around the analog sticks to allow for smooth play with QSX-E and most 3rd party thumb grips
  • BONUS: Each ElitePro Grip set comes with a matching color set of 8 Quick Scope Xbox Elite (QSX-E) comes with each skin. Designed to fit on all 3 swappable height stick options included with the XB1 Elite controller. 4 (concave inside) Grips fit on the convex stick (middle height), 4 (convex inside) Grips fit the other 2 concave sticks (Lowest/Tallest sticks)
  • CUSTOM DESIGN: International Patent Pending design
Product Description


In the heat of battle there's no time to lose, and especially no time to lose your grip on your controller. Custom designed for the Xbox One ELITE controller the Foamy Lizard ® ElitePro Grip is the perfect solution for those matches when the gameplay is fierce and every millisecond counts. Specialized cutouts allow access to all Elite triggers and buttons without compromising aesthetics. The raised stippled texture makes it easy to grip. Whether you're trying to get your K/D ratio higher, you're trudging through the wasteland or weaving through other racers at breakneck speeds the ElitePro Grip will help keep your hands firmly on the controls. The Included QSX-E thumbgrips were custom designed to fit on all 3 swappable height stick options included with your XB1 Elite controller. 4 grips featuring the concave insides fit on the convex stick (middle height), 4 (convex inside) thumb grips fit the other 2 concave sticks (lowest/tallest sticks). Don't get caught empty handed during the battle get the Foamy Lizard ElitePro Grip. Legitimate units will be enclosed in Foamy Lizard brand packaging. If you receive unmarked packaging you may have purchased an untested and inferior counterfeit from an unauthorized seller.
Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Foamy Lizard

  • Model: Foamy Lizard20583741

  • Storkz Item #: S20583741

  • Item Weight: 0.01 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 7 X 7 X 0.6 inches