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Bullseye No Mess Leak-Proof/Absorbent Target Pet Dog Pee Pads - 30 Count


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  • This isnt any ordinarypuppy pee pad, where your dog will pee anywhere on the edge and leave a mess on your floors for you to clean up.
  • The secret is that the center of the Bullseye Pee Pad contains concentrated pheromones which attracts your dog to the center. This ensures pee in the center and hitthe target every time
  • Concentrated pheromone scent at the center - Leak proof and absorbent - Contains micro absorbent beads to lock in odors and release pleasant scent
  • 30 Count Pads. Overall Dimensions 22 x 22 - 18 x 18 absorbent section + 2 border
  • Keep your home clean, dry and odor-free! Regular pet pads leave you with slippery, sloppy, stinky messes. Get leak-proof, odor-absorbing BullsEye Pee Pads!
Product Description


Having a puppy is a big decision and requires a lot of work.This means youll have to potty train them so you wont have to deal with pet stains and nasty odors in your home. With Bullseye Pee Pads potty training your pup will be an easy task. When your puppy has to go theyll be hitting the target enriched with pheromones every time. Most pee pads are messier since dogs will pee anywhere on the pad. Unlike typical pee pads, Bullseye Pee pads have a concentrated pheromone scent at the center which attract dogs to always do their business in the same spot. Once your dog is trained to use these pee pads theyll get used to always peeing in the same spot for a lifetime. Bullseye Pee Pads are also leak absorbent so theyll absorb and hold the liquid. It effectively locks in any unpleasant odors while releasing a pleasant smell. Its made from a quality quilted material which is filled with odor eliminating micro lock beads which are what hold in the liquid and release the pleasant scent. Now you can stop using pads that are messy and leak onto your floors. This pee pad is perfect for anyone training their dog and ideal for those with smaller dogs. If you live in an apartment or condo this is especially useful if your dog cant go outside during the day. Now you dont have to worry about any accidents, messes or unpleasant odors when you have the Bullseye Pee Pad. Your puppy will hit the target every time!

Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: FCV

  • Model: 000584885987

  • Storkz Item #: S20829192

  • Item Weight: 0.9 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 5.1 X 8.0 X 11.2 inches