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Lenovo 20V 3.25A 65W with 4.0mm/1.7mm compatible with P/N: ADLX65CCGU2A 5A10K78761

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  • Input: 100V-240V 1.7A 50-60Hz
  • Output: 20V 3.25A 65W
  • Connector Size: 4.0mm - 1.7mm / Package Contents: AC Adapter with build-in plug
  • Compatible with the Flex 4 1480, Flex 4 1580, and ideapad 510s 13and 14
Product Description


8S5A10K78761 ADLX65CCGU2A GENUINE LENOVO AC ADAPTER 20V IDEAPAD FLEX 4-1480 80VD. ORIGINAL LENOVO AC ADAPTER ADLX65CLGU2A,5A10K78761 65W 20V for Yoga 710 510 Ideapad 710S Compatible With : Lenovo 110 Touch-15ACL 80V7, Lenovo 110-14IBR 80T6, Lenovo 110-15ACL 80TJ, Lenovo 110-15IBR 80T7, Lenovo 310-14ISK 80SL, Lenovo 310-15ISK 80SM, Lenovo 310-15ISK 80UH, Lenovo 310S-15IKB 80UW, Lenovo 320 Touch-15IKB 81BH, Lenovo 320-15ABR 80XS, Lenovo 320-15IKB 81BG, Lenovo 320-15IKB 81BT, Lenovo 320-17AST 80XW, Lenovo 320-17IKB 80XM, Lenovo 320-17ISK 80XJ, Lenovo 320S-14IKB 80X4, Lenovo 320S-15IKB 80X5, Lenovo 320S-15IKB 81BQ, Lenovo 320S-15ISK 80Y9, Lenovo 330-15ARR 81D2, Lenovo 330-15IGM 81D1, Lenovo 330-15IKB 81DE, Lenovo 330-15IKB Touch 81DJ, Lenovo 330-17AST 81D7, Lenovo 510-15ISK 80SR, Lenovo 510S-13IKB 80V0, Lenovo 510S-13ISK 80SJ, Lenovo 510S-14IKB 80UV, Lenovo 510S-14ISK 80TK, Lenovo 520-15IKB 80YL, Lenovo 520S-14IKB 80X2, Lenovo 720S-14IKB 80XC, Lenovo Flex 4 1470 80SA, Lenovo Flex 4 1480 80VD, Lenovo Flex 4 1570 80SB, Lenovo Flex 4 1580 80VE, Lenovo Flex 5 1470 81C9, Lenovo Flex 5 1570 81CA, Lenovo Flex 6-14IKB 81EM, Lenovo V110-17IKB 80V2, Lenovo V320-17IKB 81AH, Lenovo Yoga 510-14IKB 80VB, Lenovo Yoga 510-14ISK 80S7, Lenovo Yoga 510-14ISK 80UK, Lenovo Yoga 510-15IKB 80VC, Lenovo Yoga 510-15ISK 80S8, Lenovo Yoga 520-14IKB 80YM

Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Lenovo

  • Model: 709202988856

  • Storkz Item #: S20795125

  • Item Weight: 0.45 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 5.0 X 5.0 X 1.3 inches