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Dr. Maggie Joint Formula for Cats and Dogs | Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Vitamin C | Stiffness | Discomfort | Mobility | Hip and Joint Support

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  • CHONDROINTIN helps build connective tissue. Adds lubrication & flexibility to tissue & joints.
  • GLUCOSAMINE acts as a shock absorber & joint lubricant. Natural anti-inflammatory.
  • MSM decreases inflammation, improves flexibility, restores collagen production.
  • IMPROVE MOBILITY in large dogs, small dogs, cats & aging pets with hip & joint issue.
  • NATURAL, SAFE, EFFECTIVE, GREAT TASTE! See a noticeable improvement in 3-4 weeks!
Product Description


Size: 240 ml

Dr. Maggie Joint Formula is an oral supplement containing Glucosamine Hydrochloride (500 mg), Chondroitin Sulfate (360 mg), MSM (247 mg), and Vitamin C (44 mg). This balanced formula works to reduce inflammation, lubricate the joints, build and repair connective tissue, and restore mobility in aging pets as well as younger dogs and cats with joint issues. It can also be used as a preventitive health measure for breeds that are prone to joint issues.

Glucosamine possesses natural anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. In addition to treating common symptoms of age-related disorders like arthritis and osteoarthritis, it can also help improve digestion and gut health, mobility, range of motion and general joint health.

Chondroitin supplements help rebuild cartilage naturally and boosts recovery of tissue after injury or exercise. Chondroitin works well when used in conjunction with Glucosamine, MSM, and vitamin C. When used together they have similar but complimentary mechanisms of lowering inflammation and treating pain plus theyre considered very safe and pose little risk for side effects.

MSM decreases joint inflammation, improves flexibility and restores collagen production. Supplementing with MSM helps the body form new joint and muscle tissue while lowering inflammatory responses that contribute to swelling and stiffness. An MSM supplement is a natural and effective anti-inflammatory because of how sulfur impacts the immune system and facilitates normal cellular activity. Sulfur needs to be present for our cells to release many byproducts and excess fluids that can accumulate and cause swelling/tenderness.

Most pet parents will notice a difference in their pet in as little as 2 weeks, and full results in 12 weeks

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