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Dr. Brite PPN-102 Cleansing Oral Care Spray, Sweet Parsley, 4 Fluid Ounce


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  • FOR DOGS AND CATS: Our Pet Pure Oral Cleansing Spray is safe for both dogs and cats! Just spritz it in your pet's mouth a few times to freshen their breath and they're good to go!
  • NATURAL, HUMAN-GRADE INGREDIENTS: Oral hygiene is important for pets, too! We like to keep bad breath away naturally! Our gentle formula includes Vitamin C and organic coconut, grapefruit seed, and parsley seed oil.
  • WILL BOOST ORAL HEALTH: The Pet Pure Oral Cleansing Spray will fight tartar buildup, reduce plaque, and improve gum health, all while keeping your pet's teeth and breath fresh and clean! We include organic grapefruit seed oil to act as an antibacterial, anticandidal, and antifungal defense.
  • PARSLEY SEED OIL: We added parsley seed oil to our solution so it neutralizes stinky pet breath, which means more enjoyable hugs and kisses with your pet!
  • EASY TO USE: Pet oral care doesnt need to be difficult! Easily spray the Oral Cleansing Spray along your pets gum line to boost gum health.
Product Description


Does your pet have bad breath? Are you avoiding your pets kisses, cuddles, and nuzzles because of its bad breath? Its your job as caretaker to keep watch on all the matters with your pets that can cause health issues that includes odor as well. Now you must be wondering about all those chemical products in the market are worth a shot, we can solve your problem- Dr. Brite presents complete oral solution exclusively natural in the form of Teeth and Gum Cleaning Pen and PPN-102 Cleansing Oral Care Spray.

Breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Paris Sabo and veteran dentist, Dr. Pooneh Ramezani fused their years of medical knowledge with the latest in natural ingredient research to help craft Dr. Brites safe, effective, and ultimately tasty oral care formula All Dr. Brite products are created in small batches at our sunny Southern California office in Irvine to capture their peak efficacy. We source our natural ingredients sustainably within the U.S., with the exception of neem oil (a native plant sourced from India) while every product is packaged with care.

Both the products are made from an all-natural formula that promotes oral health of your pets, maintaining healthy gums and teeth. It naturally freshen breath and fight tartar buildup; it even dramatically reduces gum inflammation and gets rid of bacteria that causes tooth decay.

No harmful chemicals, just fresh pet kisses and they will definitely love the flavor!

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  • Manufacturer: Dr. Brite

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