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Character Crate Genuine Cherry Wood Dice Storage, Miniature Storage, Dice Rolling Tray: 3 Pocket Plain Front

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  • Now with Leather Lining! Miniature Figurine Container: The Character Crate will is perfect for your RPG night, with two miniature pockets. These pockets have foam padding to protect your heroes. These pockets are designed with plenty of room for standard 28mm miniatures.
  • Dice Container: The larger pocket comfortably accommodates your polyhedral dice plus some extras. Many oversized dice will also fit, just in case you are bringing a special set of chunky D6s or other dice to the game.
  • Dice Rolling Tray: The lid of the Character Crate is completely removable from the Crate itself and is designed to be used as a dice rolling tray. With half inch walls it should contain even the most exuberant dice rolling enthusiast. The lid/tray can be placed back on the Crate in any rotation and is held on by the lip as well as 8 rare earth magnets.
  • The Character Crate is crafted from American Black Cherry wood. This is one of the most prized hardwood's in America for furniture and cabinetry. As an added bonus Cherry is one of few sustainable hardwoods. Cherry ages beautifully over time. It begins light brownish-pink and over time these colors become slightly darker and richer. The Character Crate comes treated with a special finish which will enhance the natural beauty of the wood without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • This Character Crate has two padded pockets for miniatures, one large pocket for dice, and a removable lid to be used as a dice rolling tray. It is crafted from American Cherry and finished with a special recipe that will enhance the natural darkening process of the wood. It will be a beautiful addition to your game nights. It's the perfect gift for those who play Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and other RPGs.
Product Description


Thank you for purchasing a Character Crate. With proper maintenance your Character Crate will last for generations. The Character Crate has a special blend all-natural finish which will need some occasional maintenance. A few times a year the Character Crate should be rubbed down with an oil of your choice. Mineral oil, or butcher block conditioner is a good choice, and is available in any supermarket. Use an old rag and simply pour some oil on the rag and spread it around the Character Crate. Use a clean paper towel to remove excess oil. Want more! C&C Woodsmith is coming up with new designs and products, so follow us on Facebook to find out what we are up to next. You can find more versions of this crate with more exciting designs, felt or leather lining, as well as different pocket configurations at: https://saltyjackstees.com/collections/character-crates Thank you again and may the dice be ever in your favor.

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