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Seat Belt Buckle Holder Cover for Kids - Build Confidence They Can Do Their Own Seatbelt and Remove All Frustrations When Setting Off!

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  • SEATBELT AID - Holding the buckle, lining up and locking the seat belt can be a real struggle for younger children. Weve created a seat belt buckle holder that holds the buckle perfectly still - making it much easier for your child to hear the click when putting on their car seatbelt. Help them build confidence they can do their own seatbelt and remove the need to help them just as youre setting off - especially when theyre late for school!
  • TWO INCLUDED - This set comes with 2 extremely high quality and extended height seat buckle covers, so you can install them on both back seats - great if they have friends, brothers or sisters travelling with you who will also find it much easier to put on their own seatbelts and saves time from needing to help when you set off.
  • GRIPPED SIDES - Both sides have a textured grip to help slide the covers on and off with total ease. The grip really makes a difference, your child would be able to slide the covers on or off themselves with no difficulty from the amount of friction and firm grasp the grips provide.
  • PREMIUM SILICONE - Made of a thick, premium silicone, the covers are made to stand the test of time. Extremely high quality and can withstand a beating. Theyre also slightly deformable to fit buckles of all thicknesses and sizes. Fully non-toxic and totally safe to use around children, to remove any worries you have about using them.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE Buckle Buddy offers lifetime guarantee on all of its products. Why? Because we are 100% Confident on the quality and results our Car Seat Belt Buckle Holder provides. If at any point you are not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund.
Product Description


Does your child struggle to put their own seatbelt on?
How much happier if they could do it themselves?

Seatbelt Aid

For younger children, holding the buckle, lining it up and locking the seatbelt can be a real challenge - especially if the buckle has fallen through the seat or theres extra booster seats in the way. Sometimes they dont quite push hard enough to hear the click or miss the seatbelt buckle completely. Thats why Buckle Buddy created a fully silicone seatbelt cover that slides over the buckle and holds the buckle securely upright and still, making locking the seatbelt moons easier. Remove all frustration your kids have when struggling to put on their seatbelt, and help them build confidence in themselves that they can put on their own seatbelt. No need to uncomfortably reach over into the back seat to help them lock the buckle as youre setting off to go - especially when theyre running late for school!


The set comes with 2 covers, to cover both back seats of your car so you can install them on both back seats - great if they have friends, brothers or sisters travelling with you who will also find it much easier to put on their own seatbelts and remove the frustration of needing to help everytime.


The Belt Buckle Cover is made of premium silicone thats made to last a lifetime. It can really take a beating. Its slightly bendable, allowing to fit all different shaped and sized buckles. The cover is designed to work with floppy seat belts but unfortunately doesnt work with fixed standing or embedded seat belt buckles. Our seatbelt cover is actually taller in height compared to competitor products, to add more stability to the buckle. On the both sides of the covers are grips for extra grip, that makes it much easier to slide the covers on and off


Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Buckle Buddy

  • Model: 660902294015

  • Storkz Item #: S20825718

  • Item Weight: 0.34 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 2.4 X 3.4 X 4.7 inches