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Blue Orange Spot it! Hip Card Game

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  • The grown up edition of the wildly popular card game, Spot it
  • Race to spot matches between kitschy objects, hipster staples, guilty pleasures and pop cultural icons
  • Includes 5 different ways to play; Game cards are stored in a stylish portable tin
  • A frantically fun & hilarious party game for 2-8 players, ages 13+
Product Description


Spot it! Hip Card Game
Packed with trendy and cheesy symbols for teens and adults. Don your thick-rimmed glasses. Spot it! has been given a tongue-in-cheek hit of pop culture and hipster flare. Race to spot matches between symbols of urban hipsterdom, internet trends, and ironic retro fads, plus a lot of random cheesy stuff. This fast 'n furious card game will blow your mind. Includes five LOL-worthy ways to play.

Why you need this game:
You need to give your screen-weary eyes and thumbs a break
Tabletop games are cool again, and you are cool
You think screaming out “whitey tighties” and “pug life” is hilarious
You have two to eight friends who could always use fast, easy, and legal entertainment
You frickin' love Spot it! and gotta catch 'em all!
The game comes in a travel-size tin so you can bring the party wherever you go There's always one match between any two cards. Spot it fast to win! Hot to Play This fast 'n furious card game blows the mind of all who play it. Here's the deal: each card has eight symbols differing in size and position. There are over 50 symbols in all. Between any two cards in the deck, there's always going to be one matching symbol. Yep, I kid you not. This allows you to play a grip of different games, but in every one the goal is to be the first to spot the match. Sure, it's not software programming, but it's harder than it sounds. A match is easily hidden in the array, especially with the pressure of racing feverishly against your opponents. The cards change with every match made, so you have to stay focused to keep up! Every match will fuel your fire and agonizing over getting beat to the punch by a faster player only adds to the overall excitement.

From hipster staples like fixies and headphones, Internet trends like the ubiquitous hashtag and Grumpy Cat, to kitschy-cool throwback fads like fanny packs and cassettes, these symbols are bound to at least crack a smile. If not, you should consider loosening your thrifted bow tie or you were born before 1980.

It's got Five games in One Spot it! packs unlimited play potential as you can mix it up with multiple games. The five individual mini-games included in the game booklet have separate rules and objectives. For example, in the first game, each player is handed a card and the remaining stack of cards is placed in the middle of the table. On the count of three, players look at their own cards and the top card of the middle stack for a matching symbol. When someone spots a match, he calls out the symbol and grabs the middle card, and puts it on top of his old card. Now everyone has to look at the new middle card for a match and try to win cards until the middle stack is gone. At the end, the player with the most cards wins. For cutthroat players ready for a Spot it! showdown, there's even a tournament point system included in the booklet.

The cards stay snug in a tiny tin that just may fit into the pocket of your skinny jeans. Take that
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