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Natural Calming Supplement for Dogs and Cats; Pets-At-Ease Provides Effective Anxiety and Stress Relief with No Side-effects. Helps cope with Fear, Vet Visits, Thunder and Separation Anxiety


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  • TIRED OF DEALING WITH THE STRESS of an anxious pet and Calming chews or sprays that dont deliver on their promise, or worse, make your pet sick? Unlike other anti-stress supplements our Pets-At-Ease Calming Aid is 100% Natural and made only from top quality select flowers and plants used for centuries to REDUCE ANXIETY and AGRESSION, ease Shock and Trauma, and CALM NERVOUS Dogs and Cats without any side-effects.
  • PETS EXPERIENCE STRESS too, so RESCUE YOUR PET and ease their fears with a Safe, Effective, and Non-Habit Forming Flower Remedy suitable for large, small or even sensitive dogs and cats. Our Dog and Cat anxiety relief can be used every day and has NO ODOR, NO CHEMICALS, NO ALCOHOL and NO BAD TASTE. Just mix these EASY TO TAKE tiny PILLS with your pets food and you'll get no fuss when giving it to your pet.
  • HATE LEAVING YOUR PET HOME ALONE only to come back to chaos? SEPARATION ANXIETY symptoms such as involuntary urination, barking & destruction are common responses to anxious pets. Pets-At-Ease KEEPS YOUR DOG OR CAT CALM and COMPOSED so that you can rest easy knowing your pet will not act out when you are not there. The tiny pellets can be dissolved in your pets water bowl so they get continuous relief while you are gone. GREAT FOR KENNELING or as an add-on to a THUNDER Shirt.
  • RELIEVE NAUSEA, CAR SICKNESS & other behavior issues when traveling. Stress & anxiety can upset your pet's stomach; fear also makes them act up and misbehave. Our highly effective homeopathic remedy CALMS THE TUMMY, reduces vomiting & takes those troubles away. Also effective in CALMING your pets FEAR OF THUNDER & loud noises; makes Vet visits, air travel, moving and car rides RELAXED, smooth and STRESS FREE.
  • WE BELIEVE THAT PETS SHOULD BE TREATED AS WE ARE. BestLife4Pets is built on the foundation that just as we strive to put natural GOOD FOR YOU ingredients in our own bodies to stay healthy, so should we be giving the same to our beloved canine and feline friends. That is why OUR REMEDIES ARE ALL NATURAL and contain no harmful ingredients or additives. And if you are ever not happy, all our products come with a 100% SATISFACTION money back guarantee. No fuss. No need to return the bottle.
Product Description


PETS EXPERIENCE STRESS TOO! Whatever upsets your four legged friend we understand how much you want to relieve your cat or dog's fears and anxiety. This all natural remedy is an effective and gentle treatment to reduce anxiety, stress and associated pet behaviors.

IS YOUR PET TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING? Dogs and Cats might not talk to you, but how they act tells you exactly how they feel. Does your pup hide under the bed during thunderstorms or run for the closet during fireworks? Does your cat refuse to use the litter box when you're not home, preferring to ruin shoes, clothing and carpets instead? Does Fido chew baseboards, ruin shoes and drag the garbage around? Your pets aren't just behaving badly they are telling you that they afraid and upset.

A POWERFUL BLEND OF ORIGINAL FLOWER ESSENCES can provide quick relief for your pets worst anxiety and calm their fears. This 100% natural non-addictive formula has absolutely no side effects and can be used even if your pet is currently taking other medications. Contains no harmful alcohol and no artificial ingredients.

HAVE TROUBLE GETTING YOUR PET TO TAKE SUPPLEMENTS? Does your pet not like the taste of supplements disguised as treats? Do they run away when you get out the spray bottle? Pets-At-Ease tiny pellets have very little taste and are easy to give to your pet so they wont even notice they are getting them. This means you don't have to worry about trying to get your pet to swallow large pills on a daily basis, what a relief for you and your pet! You dont want your pet to suffer, you want them to have the best life possible, so why not try Pets-At-Ease today? .

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