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Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer - Slicker Brush Professional Pet Grooming Kit for Small Large Breed Dogs Cats with Free File Pin Comb and Scissors Sharp Blades Safety Guard to Avoid Over Cutting Nails


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  • BestinValue professional pet grooming set includes essential tools for everyday use for your dog or cat : slicker brush, pin comb, nail clipper, nail file and scissors
  • The dog brush has best quality to get rid of any loose hair, mats, debris and knots in the fur without hurting your pet. The simple designs with non slip blue handles give you a sure and comfortable grip and help you to brush your pet for even long time with no hand and wrist strain.
  • The pet nail trimmer is easy to use every day, made out of high quality steel sharp blades which prevent accidental over-cutting. Easy to lock blades help for safe and convenient storage and you can experience simple toenails trimming. It is included pet nail file which makes it even greater and worthy.
  • Grooming your pet in a regular basis will make your pet have a healthier and shiner coat and it reduces shedding. it is also a good way to bond with your pet with no stress and concern at your own place.
  • This high quality kit is coming with a FREE scissors which help you for sharp, quick and smooth cuts (specially around eyes) and also FREE rubber pin comb which is great to detangle long, curly and coarse fur gently, also perfect for fluffing and finishing. This set is included a pink bag which makes it so cute.
Product Description


Professional Pet Grooming Set for Your Pet

Our professional pet grooming kit provides all essential grooming tools for your pet. Grooming is not only keeping your pet pretty, it is also maintaining a healthy coat and skin. Brushing is the key to keeping your pet clean and it helps to remove dead hair and dirt and prevent matting.

A good quality Slicker brush will help your pet to have a shiny and healthy skin and properly brushed coats will shed less because it stimulates the blood supply to the skin. Regular nail trims not only help keep the nails short but helps reinforce healthy foot structure and posture and also reduces the risk of infection. So, having a high quality dog nail clippers with sharp blades is an essential.

Grooming tips

Brushing: Brushing and combing should happen daily or at least several times in a week. If you are going to bathe your dog, brush first to get the heavy dirt out. Brushing and combing will make your dog feel good and it removes all the dead hair and tangles. Try to be gentle and patient while brushing. Too much pressure on the skin can cause irritation called brush burn and pulling the tangles will hurt your pet if you try to hurry.

Trimming Nails: Begin by picking each foot and handling the nails. Use your fingers to separate the toes for clipping and hold the paw gently. Place a tiny bit of the nail in the nail clipper and snip. If the nail feels spongy while you are trying to cut it, stop immediately as you are cutting the quick.

Package includes

  • High quality slicker brush * 1
  • High quality nail clippers including nail file * 1
  • Free pin comb *1
  • Free scissors *1


  • Do not use this kit for other purpose except for pets grooming
  • Keep out of reach of children

Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: BestinValue

  • Model: 703205916663

  • Storkz Item #: S20832804

  • Item Weight: 0.3 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 2.2 X 7.5 X 10.3 inches