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Bellababy Fast-Heating Bottle Warmer Formula Warmer Oil Warmer Lotion Heater Upgraded Heating System

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  • NIGHT FEEDING:When the milk in bottle reach proper temp,the warmer will stop heating and start to keep warm.So please warm the milk in advance and just leave it in the warmer,when baby wake up you could feed him/her immediately.
  • 3 Levels for milk warming, food heating and simple steam sterilization
  • Fit most bottles of different brands with 3.1 inches caliber.Warm milk gently and thoroughly to alleviate nutrient loss and changes in milk composition.
  • Teflon coated aluminium heating plate,stainless, prevent incrustation scale,easy to clean.
  • Glass bottle will be heated fastest,then plastic(PP,PPSU) bottle,silicone bottle is the slowest.So please use glass bottle to heat when urgent.
Product Description


Color: Basic Warmer

 This warmer is upgraded for heating faster and thoroughly with power is 150W,when the milk reach around 40(the best Temp for feeding babies),it will turn to heat gently to keep the milk warm on 40 constantly.Moms can leave the bottle always in the warmer.

 Moms are usually tired of cleaning the stain and incrustation scale of the heating plate,so the heating plate of this warmer is coated of teflon,the problem solved.


 Glass bottle can be heated fastest because it has best thermal conductivity,then is plastic bottle,silicone bottle is the slowest.So if urgent,please use glass bottle to warm milk.

  For the frozen milk:Please unfreeze the frozen milk before heating by the warmer,because the warmer heats fast,frozen milk might lead a situation that outer milk is hot and inner milk is still cool.So moms should take the frozen milk from freezer to refrigerator in advance.

  For the midnight feeding:Before you sleep,please warm the milk and just leave it in the warmer for keeping warm,dont worry about it.When babies wake up and cry in the midnight,you can feed them immediately.

Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Bellababy

  • Model: 714084879116

  • Storkz Item #: S20832932

  • Item Weight: 0.45 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 5.6 X 5.6 X 6.0 inches