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Soft Silicone Baby Bibs With Large Pocket | Waterproof, Dishwasher Safe | Catches Food to Contain the Mess | Strong Buttons to Prevent Pulling Off


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  • SAFE FOR KIDS - These soft silicone baby bibs are absolutely free from harmful substances like BPA and lead and are made with 100% environmentally friendly materials, so they are perfectly safe for use by babies and toddlers.
  • LARGE FOOD CATCHER - Aside from keeping food and drink spills from ever touching the clothes of your little boy or girl, these silicone bibs also prevent anything from dripping onto the table, chair or floor, thanks to its large food catcher.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - These 100% waterproof silicone baby bibs are extremely easy to clean. All you have to do is wash them with soap and water or throw them into the dishwasher with your used plates, bowls and utensils and you're done.
  • SOFT YET DURABLE - Don't let the softness of these colorful bibs fool you. They're made with premium super durable materials designed to last so long, your tiny tot would probably outgrow them. That's value for money that's truly hard to beat.
  • STURDY BUTTON DESIGN - Unlike cheaply made alternatives, these silicone bibs are fitted with fully adjustable buttons reinforced by extra padding. This prevents your baby or toddler from accidentally yanking them off and making a mess.
Product Description


Are you tired of messy meal times with your child?
Feeding very young kids can be challenging. Aside from having to force them to eat when theyre not in the mood for whatever it is youve prepared, you also normally have to deal with the mess that comes after. Wouldnt it be nice if things were just a bit easier?

Now, while you cant really do much about your childs pickiness when it comes to meals, you can easily make feeding time significantly less messy.

Make feeding your child a lot less challenging with these Basics by Zia Silicone Baby Bibs!

The first step to making meal times with your kids easier is to keep the mess to a minimumand this is where our high quality silicone baby bibs come in.

Designed to be completely waterproof, they effectively keep food and drinks from touching and staining your childs clothes. And, thanks to the large food catcher theyre fitted with, they also eliminate the risk of food and drink stains on your tables, chairs and floors.

Clean up is also a breeze. All it takes to get these soft yet durable bibs for your childs next meal time is to wash them with soap and water or put them in your dishwasher along with your dirty bowls, spoons, forks, sippy cups and other dishes.

Theyre also 100% free from harmful substances like lead and BPA so you wont ever have to worry about letting them touch your childs skin.

Fully adjustable for a perfect fit every time
Super comfortable
Instagram-worthy designs

Give yourself the gift of hassle-free feeding! Add these Basics by Zia Silicone Baby Bibs to your cart NOW!

Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Basics Zia

  • Model: 658632984788

  • Storkz Item #: S20827562

  • Item Weight: 0.32 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 2.0 X 5.9 X 9.5 inches