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Axiom Inc AxiomTM Cordless Phone Battery for ATandT BT5633, BT6823 E5982 e5981

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  • Axiom (TM) Cordless Phone Battery for AT&T 27910 GE 5-2522 5-2721
  • Power/Capacity: 850mAh
Product Description


Compatible Models: GE 21009GE3 21018GE3 21028GE3 21098 25831GE3 25832GE3 25833 26977 26977GE1 26977GE2 26977GE6 27700GE2 27910 27910GE3 27920 27920GE1 27920GE2 27920GE3 27920GE4 27920GE5 27920GE6 27920GE7 27925 27925GE3 27929 27930 27930GE3 27930GE4 27930GE6 27930GE6 27930GE7 27931 27931GE4 27931GE5 27931GE6 27931GE7 27935 27935GE3 27935GE3B 27936 27936GE3 27938GE1 27939GE3 27990 27990GE3 27993 27993GE3 29510 29512 29514 29519D 295522D 29626 29639 29630A 29631 29632 29670 29672 521819A 52319 52311 52522 52533 52539 53304 CLT2423 ATT E560-2 E560-5 E597-1 E598-2 E1113 E1397 E2913 E3813 E5640 E5643 E5644 E5655 E5901 E5902 E5903 E5911 E5912 E5913 E5914 E5917 E5921 E5923 E5924 E5926 E5927 E5933 E5934 E5937 E5938 E5939 E5943 E5944 E5947 E6001 E6002 E6013 E6014 VTECH 27910 5822 ia5823 ia5829 ia5839 ia5845 ia5849 ia5851 ia5859 ia5875 5939 i6717 i6720 i6725 i6727 i6757 i6735 i6763 i6764 i6765 i6767 i6772 i6773 i6775 i6777 i6778 i6783 i6785 i6786 i6787 i6788 i6789 mi6803 mi6807 i6820 mi6820 i6821 mi6821 i6822 mi6822 i6861 mi6861 mi6862 mi6866 mi6870 mi6872 mi6873 mi6877 mi6879 mi6882 mi6885 mi6889 mi6896 mi6897 6822bat CASIO/PHONEMATE PMP-3905 PMP-3950 PMP-3955 PMP-3980 PMP-3985 PM139BAT SANYO CLT2402 CLT2403 CLT2412 CLT2413 CLT2418 CLT2419 CLT2422 CLT2423 CLT9911 CLT9916 GES-3AHRAAAU GES--3AHRAACL GES-PC3F03 60-AAA-H3BJ2-2 3SN-AAA75H-S-J1 CLT-W10 CLT-W20 CLT-W25 CLR-W25 RADIO SHACK 23-959 43-2105 ET-2105 Clarity C430 Interstate ATEL0295 Battery Biz B768 Empire CPH-464D GE TL26158 GE TL96158 86158 Energizer ER-P510 Hi Capacity B-768 GE 2 -5721 2-2522 Again and Again STB958 LENMAR CBD-958
Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Axiom Inc

  • Model: Axiom Inc20536232

  • Storkz Item #: S20536232