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aVo Essentials aVo Skin Tag Removal

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  • EFFECTIVE TREATMENT OF RINGWORM, PSORIASIS, SKIN TAG REMOVAL, TOENAIL FUNGUS, ACNE - 100% natural, therapeutic grade, undiluted tea tree oil and oregano oil blend and steam distilled for maximum potency. Packaged in an FDA-registered, USA-based facility to ensure quality.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS - With just this single bottle, you can treat acne, psoriasis, nail fungus, skin tag remover, ringworm, warts, athlete's foot, moles, treat dandruff and improve scalp health, repel lice, and more. This synergistic combination of tea tree and oregano essential oils packs a powerful punch and is highly effective for treating skin ailments.
  • KEEP THE HOUSE AND KITCHEN CLEAN: This oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and a natural disinfectant. Create green cleaning products to freshen your home without harsh chemicals. Add a few drops of this blend to a spray bottle with water and white vinegar for a natural disinfectant.
  • 100% GUARANTEE - Purchase with confidence knowing that we only source the absolute best quality essential oil available. If you are not happy, receive a full refund no questions asked! No hassles ever! Feel confident knowing that we offer a 365 day return policy.
Product Description


aVo Skin Tag Removal, Ringworm Treatment, Toenail Fungus, and Psoriasis Blend - Pure Tea Tree Oil and Oregano Oil - 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil - 15ml

aVo Essentials Ringworm, Toenail Fungus Treatment, Skin Tag Removal Blend of Tea Tree Oil and Oregano Oil is 100% PURE, PREMIUM, and undiluted with no preservatives! This oil is all-natural and therapeutic grade. Our anti-fungal blend of tea tree oil and oregano oil has incredibly diverse healing abilities with inherent antibacterial and anti-viral properties. Both Tea Tree Oil and Oregano Oil are widely known as remedies used for skin ailments including dandruff treatment, acne, toenail fungus treatment, psoriasis and eczema, skin tag removal, relieve cough and congestion, wart and ringworm treatment, and repel lice and other insects. Having healthy skin, nails and hair and a spotlessly clean home shouldn't mean having to subject yourself and your family to dangerous chemicals. aVo Essentials 100% Pure Tea Tree and Oregano Oil Blend allows you to harness the cleansing, purifying and germ-fighting power of essential oil to address beauty problems and skin concerns and even clean your house the natural way.
Make sure to note that many other products are highly diluted with less expensive carrier oils. These products combine the natural oil with the very same types of artificial ingredients and preservatives that you're trying to avoid. Our oils are undiluted and contains absolutely no additives. Steam distillation ensures potency, so that you can get more benefits from each drop.

When you buy from aVo Essentials, you're not just getting Premium Tea Tree and Oregano Essential Oil. You'll also receive our outstanding product support and customer service.

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

Finally, if you're EVER unhappy with our product, simply return it for a complete refund, no questions asked.

Order now so that your anti-fungal Tea Tree and Oregano Oil can be on it's way!
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