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  • 24/7 models the life of your NBA superstar. Create your own player and guide him through an elite NBA career - Train him, improve his skills, and outshine your competition to land endorsement deals and your own shoe contract
  • The V.I.P. System lets you save friends profiles to compete when they're not available! Learn their tendencies, moves, and tactics -- or take your game to the next level by downloading profiles of the top players in the country
  • The Crib is a unique way to show off your in-game accomplishments. Earn crib credits with every game you play to deck out your crib, buy music, or play mini-games
  • Take total control of your NBA franchise by hiring your own coaching staff and scouts, all with their own individual personalities and expectations
  • Track top draft picks with year-round scouting and Communication controls -- and tie everything together by receiving feedback from players, agents, coaching staff, press, and even the fans
Product Description


Platform:Xbox 360
Product Description

NBA 2K6 hits the hardwood with all the ingredients necessary to continue its reign as the #1 rated pro basketball game. Achieve NBA superstar status with the new 24/ mode, where created players now partake in training camps, competitions and even land endorsement deals. Elevate your game by utilizing the innovative V.I.P. System to challenge profiels of friends and other NBA 2K6 ballers across the country that match their game-play tendencies down to every minute detail. Then head over to The Crib to customize your pad, buy music and unlock mini-games with crib credits earned playing the game. With the industry leading online experience and unrivaled francise control, NBA 2K6 offers the most complete and entertaining roundball experience available.
From the Manufacturer

There?s no question that the freestylin? dribbling, fancy moves, and thundering dunks always garner the most attention from most basketball fans. But crazy crossovers, acrobatic antics, and scintillating slams don?t deliver wins; it takes a solid team plan and sound basketball fundamentals to lead a squad to victory. NBA 2K6 features solid mechanics in every phase of the game--whether it?s a simple dish or icon lead passing, a finger roll or a 20-foot jumper, stripping the ball or a swat from the weak side, NBA 2K6 brings the excitement of authentic basketball to hoop fans everywhere. Features:
Shot Stick: Control the direction of your shot with the right analog stick. Pull off runners, fade-aways, finger rolls, and dunks with a flick of the stick.
Dual Player Control: set teammates into motion for alley-oops, give and gos, or to hit an open man for a three-point play with the touch of the d-pad.
Strip n Rip System: direction-specific stealing controls let players anticipate passes by jumping into passing lanes to deflect or intercept a pass, as well as strip the ball from a player driving to the hoop or a player with weak hands coming down with the rebound.
V.I.P. System: After your game, save your friends? profiles to compete when they?re not available! Learn their tendencies, moves, and logic for more heated battles.
Get the upper hand in online tournaments by downloading other players? VIP profiles.
The Crib: new to NBA 2K6 this year, you can now earn crib credits with every game you play to deck out your crib, buy music, or play mini-games.
24/7: Road to the EBC: take to the streets of Harlem in the Entertainer's Basketball Classic to play against NBA players and Def Jam Celebrities including Red Man, Method Man, Flavor Flav, and many other special guests.
The Association: The deepest franchise in the business just got deeper. Take total control of your NBA franchise by hiring your own coaching staff, scouting top draft picks year-round, developing individual player? skills with multiple in game-drills, and optimizing your team chemistry with team workouts. With continuous stat tracking including l
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